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About Us

We are a collaborative, co-working, and co-innovation community for impact organisations in Singapore.

Formally located at [email protected]: termed the “world’s most tightly packed entrepreneurial ecosystem” by The Economist, we have since expanded to multiple locations in the Central Business District and neighbourhoods in Singapore.


Discover serendipitous partnerships as we create plenty of opportunities for the community to know one another.


Work side by side in the trenches with others who share your passion.


Tackle problems with new methods with public and private sector players.

Take Impact To A New Level

No one walks alone.


You are welcome to be a part of the Social Collider community if you:
a. Focus on any of the United Nations Social Development Goals; and/or
b. Are a Social Enterprise or Non-Profit Organisation focused on overall good for Singapore and ASEAN; and/or
c. Are an “enabler” (eg. systems integrator, market access, public sector, etc)


Our Community

What you get when you work with the most awesomest community ever.


Workshops by practitioners.


Level up with technology.


Understand capital markets.


Tech startup founders, social enterprise founders, investors, government officials, private sector players: they all gather here.


Get excited with the cross fertilisation of ideas.


Connect with the world.


Filled With Happiness

This building contains everyone who wants to help. We are making a difference!


We super like words of encouragement!

Khor Qianyi

Capital And Technology

Social enterprises and NPOs now have access to the same types of capital and technology that fast-growing tech startups have.

Khor Qianyi

Senior Analyst and Head of Environmental, Social & Governance, Quest Ventures

Jeffrey Seah

Important Enabler

Social Collider is an important and refreshing addition to the social enterprises/ non-profits/ NGO landscape of Singapore. From now, resource-poor social-good enterprises can leverage up on operating needs without worry, and channel their energies fully to do good for their communities.

Jeffrey Seah

Partner, Mettle & Salt; Board of Directors, Assisi Hospice

Rika Purnamasari

Best Community in Singapore

I was working on logistics alone. The community at Social Collider provided professional and personal support. I cannot emphasize how much working alongside fellow social entrepreneurs has helped me on my journey. Thank you, Social Collider!

Rika Purnamasari

Founder & CEO,

Dr Michelle Kung

Dealflow for Impact Investments

Angel investors are increasingly interested in impact investments, and the Social Collider provides easy access to engage these enterprises.

Dr Michelle Kung

Executive Director, Business Angel Network of Southeast Asia

Pay It Forward

Mentors share their experience. Volunteers give their time.

Volunteers Wanted

As long as your heart is in the right place, there’s something for everyone at the Social Collider. We are looking for:
a. Volunteers for events
b. Counsellors
c. Interns

Russ Neu

Help Wanted

As a social enterprise ourselves, the Social Collider welcomes all forms of help, from office furniture to courses for the enterprises. Reach out to us if you want to contribute.

Russ Neu

Founder & CEO, Social Collider


Our Partners

It takes a village.

Sponsors & Donors

Special thanks to the following people. Social Collider appreciates your help.

  • Cassie Fan
  • Kelvin Tan
  • Desmond Ong
  • Hazel Tan
  • Wee Fung Ling
  • Lee Soo Yin
  • Chris Ong
  • Soo Yoke Fong
  • Lee Yun Kwan
  • Shawn Quek
  • Lim Sook Fong
  • Kelvin Tan
  • Clement Yuen
  • Ong Siow Kee
  • Rach Cheong
  • Radiah
  • Mei Hoe and Fred
  • Megumi Restaurant
  • Ani



At The End Of The Day

We love what we do. For the community, for the less fortunate, for the world.


Locate Us


Social Collider – The Good Hub HQ
26 Tai Seng St #06-01,
Singapore 534057

Social Collider @ Tanjong Pagar
116 Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2
Singapore 088530

Social Collider @ Lorong Ah Soo
141 Lor Ah Soo, #01-283,
Singapore 530141

Social Collider @ Ubi
10 Cres, Ubi Techpark, #05-13,
Singapore 408564

Incubator for SDGs @ Raffles Place
9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza, #B1-019
Singapore 048619



Contact Us

General queries: [email protected]
Venue and desk booking: [email protected]
Internships, Part- and Full-time Careers: [email protected]
Marketing: [email protected]
Press: [email protected]