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How to Raise Funds for Social Entreprises ft. Russ Neu of Social Collider

This exciting episode of Epic Nation features Russ Neu, Venture Partner of Quest Ventures and CEO of Social Collider, a collaborative community for impact organizations situated in the heart of Singapore’s thriving tech ecosystem.



Join us to discover Russ’s inspiring journey of empowering social enterprises by integrating business practices with social and environmental impact.

Epic Nation

12 Jun 2023

Social Collider on Morning Express

Morning Express

16 Mar 2023

Citizen Ambassadors:

The Blind Café Project

Meet our #CitizenAmbassadors, Aaron Yeoh and Russ Neu. Aaron is the Director of Etch Empathy and Russ is the CEO of Social Collider, but both of them have a common goal to advocate for people with visual impairment.

Singapore International Foundation

9 Feb 2023

Trishaw Heroes Challenge – with Russ Neu

“As a trishaw hero, I wish to raise funds for the good work at Cycling Without Age Singapore.


At the same time, I want to raise awareness that the golden years in one’s life means its the best! Look for the elderly to share their golden nuggets of wisdom and experience!”

Cycling Without Age Singapore

17 Jan 2022

Russ Neu, founder of Social Collider shares with WTF2

Russ Neu, founder of Social Collider shares about Social Collider, diversity and inclusion and why it is important.


23 Sep 2021

Interview with Russ Neu, Social Collider, Singapore

Magdalena Petryniak, Story Seekers Poland talking to Russ Neu, from Social Collider, Singapore about his journey to start the platform and co-working space for social innovators

Story Seekers

17 Aug 2019

Faces from the ‘BLOCK’: 

Meet Russ Neu from The Social Collider

Meet Russ Neu, the CEO and founder of The Social Collider, a co-working and co-innovation community with a mission of supporting social enterprises in Singapore.

BLOCK71 Singapore
13 May 2019

SG Assist: Interview with Mr. Russ Neu

“But I broke the fall wrongly and snapped — broke my arm.”


“I just sat down by the roadside and cried.”

SG Assist

23 Apr 2019

SIF Infield Volunteer – Mr Neu Wee Teck

SIF Infield Volunteer, Mr Neu Wee Teck, shares his volunteering experience at Lao DPR. He taught English to government officials at the Laos Institute of Foreign Affairs. 

Singapore International Foundation

18 Sep 2009